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Sakaleshpur-Part 2

June 6, 2007 3 comments

Place         Green Route(Donigal-Yedakumari)
Date           5 May 2007
Distance   17+4 Kms
Team         Raghavandra Pai, Gowri Pai,Shankar BS,Namitha, Sujay, Krishna, Naveen, Nandish(Myself)

    Its usual that sequels are doing very well with cinemas but with the treks they seem to do even better .Sakaleshpur never short of adventure as misfortunes still seems to haunt us when we visit this place, but the misfortunes are the blessings in disguise that let us see the rain forest in dawn and in showers.
    After the Mullyangiri trek it was decided that our next trek would be on the famous Green Route which I had already seen.But there are some places worth watching many times and this is one among them.The plan was set and was delayed coz of the non availability of key trekkers in our team.So finally we set to leave on 4th May, exactly a year after the previous trek on this route.By 2 AM on 5th we were in Hassan and we lodged there.It was decided that we would leave Hassan by 5 and reach Donigal around 6 IST to start the trek.But some  how it was delayed(IST still stands for Indian Strechable time and never Indian Standard time) and we started the trek around 8:30.On the way to Donigal we spotted few boards around Sakaleshpur stating that the best coffee bean is grown in this place.Definitely a proud thing.

The Team   

    05-05-07 8:30 the trek starts with a photo of the team.The walking started , some started to walk on the rails trying to balance, few on the side paths and few on the stones put to support the rails.As usual I started to get the complains that they are walking with the heads looking down and not able to see the scenic beauty of this place.This is one problem with this trek that we are forced to look down and walk as we walk on the stones and any misplacement of the foot would lead to a nasty fall.
    After 45 mins of walk we encounter the first bridge, I still remember the night mare I had on this bridge last time when there was no walking plates on this bridge.Now all the bridges are plated , so walking is very safe and easy,But definitely the shine of the trek is gone.Walking on plateless bridges was a challenging one which made this path so famous and adventurous, now its just a plane walk amidst the thick jungle.

First Bridge

    Then comes the first tunnel after bridge no 2.It was a very short tunnel and none of us were excited about this.After this it was a series of bridges and tunnels which greeted us.There were few places on bridge which was not plated .So walking on them was definitely fun.But one alternative bridge didn’t had any plates  so we  guys decide to walk on it and every one enjoyed it.

Walk on the plateless bridge

    Then after tunnel no 11 we get the biggest and longest bridge.We decided to descend down the bridge to have our lunch in the valley.The descend was a bit steep and amidst real thick jungle.It was here the fun started, Raghu spots a leech followed by a terrible scream by Namitha.By this time I had already descended down but the intensity of that scream made me to run up to see what had happen.I initially thought that they might have spotted a animal or a snake but never in my wildest of dreams I thought a leech could bring such a big shout from a human.We had our lunch in this valley and rested for a while.As usual some trekkers had left their eatables scattered around this place without disposing it properly.

    The Valley

    Then we decided to resume the walk, now we had to climb up to reach the railway tracks.Shankar,Krishna and  Naveen who were the last in this climb lost their way, I ran down to spot them and luckily they were not too  far from the correct path.By the time we came near the tracks Naveen was down and tired.So after quick aids he was ready for the walk .Then in couple of hours we reached Yedukameri.By this time the weather was going worse and it seemed it would rain heavily.The local people forced us to tent there for night and few even scared us of the possible dangers of elephant and leeches.

The Jubilant team at Yedakumari 

I had been to Nagarahole 15 days back and I knew that many wild elephants in this region were captured and were being trained in Nagarahole and Bandipur camps,So we decided to walk down.It was a steep descent for 30 mins after which we encountered a stream.Then we had to walk for 3-4 kms to reach the road.

The steep down walk  

    Chequerd flag for this walk will never be easy, I knew it and it happened! Rain starts and the downpour was heavy.We didn’t feel the real intensity of rain as the bamboo shoots covered us for the entire walk.On the way Elephants had uprooted two trees blocking the path.We had do to little bit of strech and jumps to resume the walk.Suddenly it was frogs around the place.There were so many frogs that came out as soon as it rained.Initially every one enjoyed the rain and walk , after a while fear started to eclipse every one as we didn’t get any trace of vehicles or its sound.I had walked this place last time but it was in dark and it was a kind of new path even for me.But confidently we moved ahead and we started to hear the sounds of the vehicles.The biggest night mare was awaiting for us.I saw my pant and there were many leeches attached to it and when I saw my legs, leeches were having their feast.Before the trek I wanted to feel the leech bite but looking them sucking our blood, I dont think so any one would like it.It was very tough removing them , we didn’t even had salt.So we had to give a lot of work to our hands to remove them.Thanks to Raghu and Shankar for helping us removing the leeches.

Rain walkers in rain forest

    Now we were near the second stream, there were no currents in the stream but walking on the stones was very very slippery, making the things worse.there were a lot of lightnings around this place and I knew people die in these area coz of lightnings in rains.But some how we managed to reach the road after few falls on these stones.Krishna and myself took a lorry to Gundya to get our vehicle.It was fantastic looking at this rain forest during the rains.The clouds at our hands strech makes this place a real paradise during monsoon.We were back in 45 mins and headed towards Sakaleshpur.Another troop asked us to drop them in Sakaleshpur, so we took them inside our vehicle.They boarded the vehicle without removing the leeches from their dress and bags.Once again there was lot of leech activity in the vehicle, we had to stop the vehicle on the way to remove these blood sucking creatures.By 8 we were in Sakaleshpur were we refreshed ourselves,By this time Krishna was down with suffocation.He had bleeding around a place where the leech bit him.The bleeding didn’t stop four hours!.Some how he managed, we had our dinner and left for Bangalore.

    After successful walk in Sahyadris accompanied by  the pre-monsoon Showers(Mungaru Male)

    The trek is gruelling but the memories are sweet which will heal the pains.Thats why our life is always a balanced polynomial equation.God is definitely a mathematical prodigy , Istn’t he?

Cheers 🙂

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