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Kemmanagundiya Pravasa(A Trip to Kemmanagundi)

Place         Kemmanagundi and Mullyanagiri
Date           5 and 6 Oct 07
Distance   8 Kms
Team         Srikar, Smitha, Gururaj, Gowri Gururaj,Karthik, Manasa Karthik, Vaishali, Shreyas, Sonalika, Maoromi, Vibha,Ashwini, Gaurav, Rishi, Saurav, Vijay, Vineeth &  Nandish

The Team

        Projects creeping in, possibility of night outs and slogging looking bright. This was an ideal time to take a break from office and hit the jungles . Since this was a new team for me to trek, the taste of each individual was not known. Few had inclinations towards going out for a pleasure trip and few wanted to hit their foot on hills and rocks and trek the place.After I  christened myself as “Son of jungle” , I pushed for a trek. After much of R&D about the venue, trekking to Hebbe falls was decided which is a moderate trek, which  even a debutant  can do it with ease.
         After a lot of yes and no from many people, the list came to 19. It was decided that we would be leaving THBS  office at 10:30 PM on 4th Oct. As usual we had to comply to our IST(Indian Strechable time) and start at around midnight adding to this, even I had to attend my friend Sujay’s bachelor party. The bus started to take the Tumkur route instead of Hassan route to reach Kemmanagundi. The roads were in a pathetic state, blame it on the government or on the rough weather we had this year. Finally we reached Kemmanagundi at morning 5. There was no power at this place at that time. We had to walk in the dark searching for the office to book a room. Thanks to Nokia 1100..the materpiece from Nokia. The torch light of this mobile phone was good enough to search the office.
        The Sun started to come out, the land scapes and hills started to get visible. I had been to this place couple of times but during summer. but this time looking at this place early in the morning after a healthy monsoon was just spectacular.

Early morning in Kemmanagundi

After witnessing this beautiful sunrise, then it was a series of photo session that happened as usual. In the mean time Gururaj had to do a lot of circus to get a room booked.It was really tough to get a room at this season. Thanks to Guru for getting us a room, otherwise it would have been a problem for every one to get ready for the trek. In the mean time, a guide was hired to guide us for the trek.After having a good breakfast and getting some food packed for lunch, we started to trek.

The entry point to the trek, istn’t it beautiful?

        The trek started , the entire troop got split  into smaller ones. Since Shreyas and Karthik had trekked this place before, they lead their teams towards the falls.The place was very picturesque . It looked as if some one had painted the place in his leisure time.The entire walk till a point was amidst  coffee estates. One moment  that I would like to write is about the first view of Hebbe falls. Walk, walk for few Kms, even without getting the trace of the falls, and at one corner in your walk you see a “super masterpiece of God  at a very far distance crafted to perfection hidden amidst a thick green blanket and gushing white water on it”. Words just cant explain the beauty and ofcourse am not a  descendant of Wordsworh.

The majestic Hebbe Falls

         After witnessing this view, there were two ways to reach the falls, one was to get down the steep hill which was pretty closer as told by our guide and the other was to walk in the jeep route. Few people decided to get down the  steep slope and few on the road.Unfortunately  both the troop met at a common point at the same time, our purpose of getting a guide was total waste this time.I think we don’t need any guide to trek to this place.The route is evident and it can be done in ease.

The steep down walk amidst the woods

       After this we get insie the estates enroute to falls. The estate is in the foothills. Covered by  thick forest and the waterfall nearby.We had to cross 3 beautiful streams before we get into the falls. When you walk into these places you get into a dreamy  mood , things around you look so beautiful which we aren’t used while staying in cities.Finally we hit the falls and it was quite slippery at this place.The waterfall was neat and people had kept it neatly. Finally as usual we jumped into the water and enjoyed the adreline rush of water.

Falls at closeUp

      Spending a good amount of time, it was time to get back to the guest house.It was already 4 and we had to come back to the estate to break for lunch. Lunch was served, we had packed lemon rice which we fondly call “Chitranna”. Then we booked two jeeps to take us to Kemmanagundi. The jeeps used are the Mahindra commander made in 1970. No other vehicles can run on this road.Its worth once going i to this place in these desi hummers.The jeep finally left at one place where our bus was waiting. The place started to receive fog and sunset was nearing.The entire team was on hill taking snaps of this place.Even this point was so beautiful that I cant write anything about it, if I do so, the entire write up would be more like a flattery rather than a write up. But it was beautiful, I mean what I say!

One beautiful evening on the slopes of Kemmanagundi

        The we decided to get back to Chikmagalur to stay that night as it was told that this place(Kemmanagundi) will not have power after 11 PM.  The trek was beautiful adding to it few elements of it makes it special, that remains along with us for a long long time.

The beautiful Mullyanagiri


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