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Extending Firefox search for intranet sites

May 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Its been a long time since I blogged. I am restarting with a technical blog and hopefully it helps some folks.

For any intranet/internet application that delivers a page based on a key and if the url remains constant , we can extend the search facility in firefox. All we need to do is just write on very simple xml and paste the xml in Firefox/searchPlugins folder usually in C:/Program Files/MozillaFireFox/searchplugins on Windows or  /Application/MozillaFireFox/searchplugins on Mac. Please check with your installation path for pasting the xml file.

After the xml is deployed the search option would look like this

My Intranet search is the new  intranet search site added.

So now lets create a search for a local wikipedia  deployed in intranet

Assume the url for our wiki to be


For every new page added the ur will transform into

http://mywiki/en/topic=($topic) where $topic is the name of the topic. As long as http://mywiki/n is constant and only the topic changes for every article, the xml configuration will be very easy

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