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How to make Tata Photon Plus or any Data Card work on Ubuntu 10.04

July 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Ubuntu 10.04 has pre built support for USB data cards. Configuring it to work is very simple. Before configuring it on Linux we need to note down the following details

  • Username
  • Password

Go to System on the top panel and select System->Preferences->Network Connections

Select Network Settings

Then select Add under Mobile Broad Band tab and then select Forward from the new Window


Now select the country, in my case it would be IndiaSelect_Country

Now select the service vendor, in my case it would be Tata Photon Plus


Now click on Apply and it will prompt for user details. Enter username and password only and do not change other settings unless you require it. In most of the cases, it works with the pre configured settings


Click on Apply and we are all set to use Tata Photon Plus.

You would be able to see the Tata Photon Plus under wireless group when you click on the networks icon on top panel.

Please leave a comment in case if you face any issues.

Note: The system does not prompt for user details if the username/password is wrong. Please double check the credentials before using. For now Happy Browsing 🙂

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