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April 3, 2007 1 comment

Team Info-Stars

  •    Team      : Anil, Krishna, Myself(Nandish), Manu, Kiran, Vishwa and Nirmal
  •    Place      :Nagarahole and Irruppu falls
  •    Date        : 8,9  of April 2007

     After a wonderful journey from Bangalore, we headed towards the Irruppu falls via a place called Kutta.Geographically located in Karnataka but more or less looks like Kerala. Irruppu falls is situated amidst thick Bramhagiri shola forest range.The temperatures dips as we near the Bramhagiri peak.This is the transition place where dry decidious forest grows into evergreen Shola Western Ghats.We need to trek around a kilameter  from the basement to the falls. The falls was not in its splendour but still good enough to enjoy. The best part of this falls is that the water is too cold.I really wonder for this reason.There were few non-sense people who had thrown beer cans and plastic in the water making the place look so dirty.People who read this blog  make it a point to not to dirty any place.We need to understand that this is our place and we need to keep neat.I would appreciate if the forest department comes up with strict rules to punish these irresponsible people. We had a good bath in the water, we were some how successful playing in the water considering the fact that the place was cold and the water was too cold.
    After this place we headed towards Nagarahole for Safari.But we were a bit late to start Safari and the forest department stopped us from venturing into the forest instead asked us to go in the morning.So it was a bit frustating for us but stil we luckily had two huge elephants near our cottage with which we spent some time.Of courcse it was tamed and knotted.Gajendra the tusker was really a big one.I think this was the biggest elephant I had seen in my life.

The tusker Gajendra

    After the dawn the place goes really scary, ample electricity , rustling noice of the dry leaves. the glowing eyes of grazing deers in the night makes it breathtaking.By 9 in the night the cooks had cooked wonderful dinner for us which we had in open space.These are the kind of moments which we will carry through out the life time.

On slippery Irruppu bamboo platform

The pivots with camera man Vishwa

Froggy style snap with friends

Near one of the water resource in the jungle where we found pug marks of many animals

    The next morning we headed to Safari but we were too unlucky.We spotted few wild boars, languar, deers and kaati.But still it was worth watching the forest early in the morning.Then after the breakfast we headed towards Bangalore.On the way we stopped near a lake which looks like back waters were we spotted pug marks of many animals.Yes we were wrong at this time, we were not supposed to stop in the forest and we got the dues from the department :(.

    In couple of hours we were in Balmuri were we played  and then headed towards Bangalore spending some time in Coffee  day.This was a trip were there was a lot of anticipation but many things didnt  happen. We had to accept this coz  we know that this is how the life runs……


    Nandish   : )


Mullyangiri Trek

  •    Team      : Raghavendra Pai, Gowri Pai, Shankar BS, Nagesh Hebbar,  Namitha, Ramya V, Vivek Kumar Singh, Vinod Katare, Rakesh M, Shankar Hegde, Nandish
  •    Place      :Mullyangiri and Baba Budangiri
  •    Date        : 24 of March 2007



Ramya took the initiative of organizing the trek to Mullyangiri , the highest peak in Karnataka. I agree there are some sect of people who claim KumaraParvatha to be the highest peak. This writing is definitely not an invitation for the debate. The plan was to leave Bangalore on 23rd night and start the trek on 24th. . As per the plan the entire team left on 23 night exactly at 10:10 IST (Indian Stretchable time) in a Tempo traveler. The vehicle was in a very good condition so none of them faced any problem during the journey. It was Shankar BS whose witty talks kept every one awake

            Reached Chikmagalur around 2 AM where we stayed in a lodge called Malnad lodge. By the time we reached Chikmagalur our men in Blue was eliminated from the World Cup, these guys are proving that they are so consistent in being inconsistent. This didn’t shake our spirit to trek. So by 7 in the morning every one was ready to trek. We started towards Sarpadhari, some how we lost our way and we were heading towards Mullyangiri peak, then we decided to come back were we took the deviation towards peak. Being Computer Engineers it was not tough for us retracing the path as we were well versed with the concept called back tracking, finally we found Sarpadhari! This is the entrance to the peak if we want to trek. Its a small arch that greets us. This is a wonderful place  were the thick shola jungle is covered by silver oak trees.

            So it was around 9:15 we started the trek, many were busy collecting some sticks for their support. It didn’t take a lot of time , just 2 mins walk on the steep mountain, every one were down, this looked grueling tiresome. I mean it was very steep, but still scalable. Now it was a real test of character and stamina under scorching sun, remember the peak is grassland, no trees to get shade. The grass were dry and the sun rays were reflecting and the black soil making things more worse. It was only occasional cool breeze that came as a rescue.

            Now it looked very hard to scale, Vinod was down and it looked he will be going back, please take my suggestion not to scale down this path, its dangerous, you may have a nasty fall. You can climb this steep but the reverse is dangerous. But he was ready in a while and the trek restarted, within no time Shankar BS was down that reminded him  that he was getting old and it was high time to get married. Then it was one of the cave we found as a temporary shelter to take rest. Cucumbers were distributed so that every one gets rejenuvated, this one is very good during treks, a good source of water and energy.

The caves where we took temporary shelter and Nagesh relishing the cuccumber

We were just in the mid of our summit, so once again the trek restarted, this time people were seasoned to the steep climbs, so every one walked easily.Then we found a Nandi statue which was under a tree which looked very old. Shankar had a small nap here. Then it was towards the caves which are pretty famous in this place. After crawling in this moist caves, our destination was visible.It was hardly few meters from this place, slowly every one scaled the summit and our work was half done at this poit.

The Nandi statue which offers some shade and the steep climb towards the summit


You can find a temple of Lord Shiva here. We had butter milk served by the priest family here, in the mean time Raghu was busy configuring outlook express in his new mobile and Namitha was busy in her photo session.

The Mullyangiri temple and the moist caves


            Then we headed towards Baba Budan Giri, this stretch was very pleasant as there was no steep climbs but it had one pint were we had to jump around 7 feet which was pretty risky. The lady team took an alternative path .Then it was walk on the grasslands which was very plesant.Raghu and myself (Nandish) were busy collecting the plastics littered in that place by few nonsense people. Please make it a point to not to litter plastics at least in jungles and hills. Within no time we took a  break for lunch. Under a small tree the serving was started, we had packed dry chapattis, pickles and dry ground nut  chutney. This one is really good if you are going for a long trek as they don’t get spoiled for 3 days. We found 2 other fellow trekkers on the way whom we invited for lunch. They had come to trek without bringing water. Believe it or not they had ate the cucumbers we had left in the cave to quench the thirst. So remember to take enough water when you are trekking. After crossing 4 peaks we had reached Vivekananda point, the official end point of the trek. The roads towards Baba Budan giri was visible and we came down to the road waiting for our vehicle to pick us.

The trail towards Baba Budan Giri and Vivekananda point

BR Hills trip

Feb 10 2007

With College mates to BR Hills



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Pirates of the Carribean-3 coming

March 20, 2007 Leave a comment
   Click to view the trailer

Like the 2nd sequel very much especially the show put up by Jack Sparrow, a role played beautifully well by Johnny Depp. The 3rd installment will see the inclusion of Chow Yun Fatt as Captain Sao Feng. The plot ouline simply reads “Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle. They must face Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones and Admiral James Norrington in a titanic showdown that could eliminate the freedom-loving pirates from the seven seas. Navigating through treachery, betrayal and wild waters, they must forge their way to exotic Singapore and confront the cunning Chinese Pirate Sao Feng (Chow Yun-Fat). Now headed beyond the very ends of the earth, each must ultimately choose a side in a final, titanic battle – as not only their lives and fortunes, but the entire future of the freedom-loving Pirate way, hangs in the balance.”

Plot Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle.

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Sakaleshpur trek

March 16, 2007 2 comments

The team


Bugged up with the daily routine,i wanted to get out from Bangalore and my native to a far place.Planning started with Arpan,Manu and Shashi to Goa via Belgaum.But Arpan dropped out at the last moment,so the plan was scrapped.But we never wanted to waste the holidays.I read about the railway track trekking on the net,I found it to be very interesting so i did a lot of reading on this place.Informed about this place to Manu(The trip Boy) and he was very interested in this,We both started to do a lot of R&D on this place,searching the documents on this place in the net for almost one week.Atlast we decided to trek from Donigal to Yedukameri roughly around 25-28 kms(Dont believe the distance the localites tell,they will mislead you).

The team comprising of Me(Fear + Enthu/2),Manu(Trip Boy),Krishna( The Make-Up Guy), Anil(Gubaal), Vishwanath(Camera Man) , Satish(Mr Cool) and one and only Kiran(Brilliant Guy) was formed.We decided to leave on 28 night.Booked Toyota Qualis on 28 afternoon, did a lot of hurry-burry purchaseon 28 evening and packed everything for trekking.

The final moment arrived we left Bangalore on 28 night roughly arount 11-30 pm.Reached Sakaleshpur in early morning.We found a very expensive dirty lodge,but we had to use it and there was no other go.From Sakaleshpur Donigal is around 4-7 kms,ensure that you take a correct stop on the road to Donigal railway station,it will a 5 mins walk from the road to the railway station.

29 Morning 7.30 we left Donigal with huge enthusiaism and zero thoughts about the possible dangers.Our brilliant guy kiran showed the first sign of tiredness after walking half a kilometer,we thought we must send him back to Donigal ,but he eneded up becoming the best performer of the trekking!In the wilderness you can look and talk to the mother nature so closely,the scenic beauty is just awesome.

After walking around 2 kilometers the first dread ful thing appears,A long bridge with two rails on it to walk.I was the first to walk on it and the first guy to get tensed and nervous.It is really scary,and if you accidently misplace your foot,you land up into the ditch (Dangerous be careful).Then we stopped for the breakfast were our Gubaal took the lead of distributing the breakfast,We took a pound bread ,jam bottle for the break fast,In a hurry to reach the destination ,I and Manu were constantly warning the guys to be a little fast ,as we both knew the dangers in this place after evening.

In the grren Land

Finally after a long wait the first tunnel appeared,It was a samll one and we crossed it happily and then we encounterd a samll stream of running water,we jumped into the stream and played for half an hour,the first sign of the enjoyment in the trip was noticed in every body.I and Manu had to do a large shoutings to get our make-up guy Krishna(He had the fear of getting tanned) into the water.Finally every body into the water enjoying themselves like samll little kids playing in their back yard.

The second bridge was crossed with no fear as there was a iron plate running through out the track.After this it was just cycle of bridges and tunnels.Then we had the first signs of elephants,we saw elephant dungs on the track,believe me it was a track on the steep mountain,wonder how can that huge animal climb steep mountains,Manu was shaked by this.Recently he has developed a fear for elephants listening to the experiences of few people near Bandipur.The walking continued and continued ,and no signs of Yedukameri.Then we encounterd one of the longest bridge before tunnel No 8.It was just a big one.Since i have the fear for heights,I wanted to kill this in this trip,so i made a bold decission to cross it all alone and do it first.And i did it.But it was a vey long walk, the bridge is around 300-400 mts and had a good depth.Believe me if you try to see the land when you are walking on the bridge,you are in danger.Never make a blind attempt to see the land,you may risk your life.Then comes the biggest threat,the bridge between tunnel 10 and tunnel 11,the longest and deepest in Asia( As told by the local railway authority).When you are walking on this bridge it is completely a different feeling,this is inbetween the lushest hills and has a dpth of 200-300 ft.You can have the best glance of Westaern Ghats from this place.After this the biggest tunnel of 600 mts arrives, trip boy Manu makes a bad attempt of lighting a log to make it a fire torch,but everything fails and agrres to come with us .We had just one torch which our camera man Vishwanath had got.We 7 people followed the light.Satish had a nasty fall while walkingin in the tunnel.The tunnel is just next to black.It was very dark where you are as good as being blind.Almost half of the bridge was uncoverd and there was water falling here and there.Some people had scared us that you may find sankes at this place,but we didnt find any snake.

The bridge

As soon as we thought that all the major hurdles are over and expecting a cool walk to Yedukameri,one more bridge greeted us with a frown face waiting to gulp every body,this was a bridge made up of only wooden logs,Some logs were cylindrical and to dangerous to place our legs.Every body were frightend.A single bad step will be fatal on this bridge.Few articles on the net stated that you can never fall from the bridge,but all those things are just bull shit(Sorry for the slang).A man can easily fall from the bridge between the logs.After this bridge we all hoped that we had crossed all the bridges and happily crossing a tunnel, but it was not over one more wooden bridge much more longer than the previous one greeted us.Having crossed the previous one it was not so tough to cross this bridge but fear prevailed in every ones heart.Then it was a 400 mt tunnel where we made our make-up guy krishna and Satish to walk in the tunnel without the light.They were very slow through out the trekking,inspite of warning them continiously about the time,they walked in the same pace,After this tunnel it was a iron bridge and the most deadliest one,I was following Manu as he was walking on this bridge very easily.But we had to put a long steps to catch the iron bar (A really scary one).The hurdles were over and the signs of approaching railway station was becoming bold .Lot of elephant dungs were present on the tracks which gave us the clear indications of Elephants in this place.Finally around 5-15 in the evening we reached Yedukameri.We found a group of S/W engineers relaxing themselves near the railway station.We asked on of the worker to tell us the way to the Bangalore-Mangalore High Way he suggested to walk down the hill , take take a right turn and walk for couple of kilometers to reach BM road. Every body wer

e very tired but i forced them to come down so that we could reach the road before the sunset.

We didnt know that we are still in the interval of our trekking ,we all thought we are in the climax of an adventure movie.But the real adventure started now.Hold your breath and believe it.It may sound a bit cinematic but what ever i am going to write down are our hard core horrifying experiences.

I lead the team to walk down the hill as i was pretty good at climbing and going down the steep places,Manu was following me and then the others.It was a very steep hill and the the angle of depletion was more that 60 degree.I slipped couple of times as i was wearing a MCR rubber slipper,then Manu started to lead.We found a lot of elephant dungs in this place ,Manu and Krishna got tensed.Suddenly our camera man Vishwanath shouted that he spotted an elephant down the hill which was around 100 mts down.Manu started to run back pushing me so wildly(Elephant-o-phobia).Then we started to see the spot properly ,it was just a black rock resembling an elephant skin.Our Make-up man Krishna lost all the make-up on his face and was sweating profusely.He slowly started to insist on going back to Yedukameri and catch any testing trains and go back to Subramanya or Sakaleshpur.Me and Manu scolded him and took them down the hill.It was just a path of Elephant dungs,ocassionaly we used to find some fresh ones also!.

Then it was a cool stream which greeted us.We had a face wash here,and our camera man Vishwanath was contniously insisting us to cross this stream and start to walk(He was the person who asked us to play in the water for half an hour in Yedukameri).Manu cut his foot while walkingon the sharp stones in this stream.Next the way was confusing.Manu spotted the way and we both started to take the lead and walk.No signs of any humans,It was only a place of bamboo shoots,usually a paradise for elephants.The fresh smell of Elephant dungs perfumed the air.Krishna and Vishwanath started to insist on going bac

k. Still we continued to walk .we found a hand kerchief on the way which told us that this is the correct way.But no signs of road or any sound of horns.Anxiously waiting to hear the sound of a vehicle we started to walk.Suddenly our Brilliant Guy Kiran started to scold me and Manu for misleading them in the forest.Gubaal was completely scared and had made a resolution to not to come for trekking any more in his life.I insisted Manu to go back to Yedukameri as there was no signs of road and it was getting dark.So we had to walk back to the stream were we encounterd the Software Engineers from Bangalore.They follwed us hoping to find a way to the BM road.When we told about the elphant dungs here,they halted in this place. A guy called Bharat suddenly jumped and ran to find the road.It was 5-45 already,the Sun was getting ready to go back to his home .We all sat over the rocks in the stream.One more guy walked to Yedukameri to enquirewith the localites over there.This guy returned after half an hour telling that the road in which we walked was the correct one and we had to walk a bit more to reach the BM road.But there was no signs of Bharat who had gone to find the way.Tension started to mount in every ones face.We were in the middle of a very thick jungle .We thought he might have been attacked by any elephant.It was 6:30 when he returned and he was just tired.This guy had ran for nearly 10 kms to find the way(He was very good and an experienced trekker).Then we made up our mind to not to stay here and walk to BM road.We were now a team of 15 members with mixed level of braveness.Sincerely those guys were just very brave which really boosted our confidence to get back to the high way.

I led the 15 people troop with Manu following me ,Bharat and co at the end.It was dark already by the time we reached the place were we returned from.Still any sounds of the bushes and trees used to trigger the fear for elephants in every body.Suddenly Kiran started to come in front and lead the troop.This guy was a dare devil were he had no clues of the consequence of the walk.He was just the same person when we started the trek.Slowly we started to hear the sounds of vehicles.We walked briskly so that we could go to the road.After a long walk we found the road.I jumped and shouted with joy.

But this day was made with misfortunes for us.The adventure didnt end here.We found a 200 meter wide stream between the place we are standing and the road.The hopes of getting back to the road shatterd.We shouted so that somebody could see us and help us.There was no signal in any ones cell,The worst possible situation we could expect in the night between a thick jungle.We all sat on the banks of the stream busily discussing to put a camp fire and stay that night in that place.It looked very dangerous to walk in the stream without light.The water was running in a very good force.Suddenly we see Mr Brave Heart Bharat walking in the stream far away with his torch.As soon as he reached the other side of the stream our pulse rate started to get back to normal.We formed a human chain and started to walk.I was the last in that chain.I knew that this place is haunted by crocodiles,I remained to stay quite as this may panic other guys to walk.Finally we reached the other side of the stream.The road was just above our head but the we needed to climb it .It was a vertical steep making our job more diffucult.Once again our Brave Heart Bharat climbed to get on to the road,then it everybody followed him.A long stick was given to everyone to hold it to climb.Atlast every body climbed and reached the road.In the mean time,Mr Arsikere had damaged his legs.We had a first aid kit with which he was medicated.Then it was to reach Gundya check post.None of the vehicles were stopping for us.Then a group of truck drivers told us that they spotted 14 elephants the previous day near the stream..With their aid we found a truck ,we all sat on this sand loaded truck and reached Gundya check post.

Every body called up their home informing about their accom

polishment.Both the teams now had some hand shakings and few snaps.After which we left to Subramanya in a KSRTC bus.Make up man Krishna was shouting to get into a AC lodge for rest.As it was the tourist season we landed getting a big hall in outskirts of subramanya ,were we slept on a plastic carpets.Our AC cum Makeup Man Krishna couldnt even find this, he slept on bare floor.Every body had very sound sleep till morning after which we continued our piligrimage place vistits.

Dont forget to take the following with youll while going to trek.

  1. Dry food, glucose, fruit juices,some citric fruits,towels,shoes,a small blanket,first aid kit,one pair of extra foot wear,torch,cracker,kvives

  2. Apart from this please take few brave hearts along with youll,other wise all the above will be of no use.

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